Music Production Podcasts: The Ultimate Playlist

I love listening to podcasts. Especially on my commute. 

I’m also a big “set it and forget it” kind of guy.

So I made this playlist on Spotify that contains every single music production podcast that I could find! 

Now I have all of my podcasts in one place and I can just press play one time to binge hours of podcasts without needing to switch shows or search for new ones. (I also like to play them on shuffle to get a really cool variety and mix things up a bit!)

This playlist contains over 432 hours of interviews, discussions, and even a few technical episodes, so there’s plenty to dig into!

Below you’ll find the playlist as well as my top three favorite episodes within it!

The Full Playlist

My Top Three Favorite Episodes

With so many episodes and podcasts spanning multiple different styles and tones,  this playlist can be a bit overwhelming at first!

That’s why I shared my three favorite episodes below.

These are great starting points and can help you find out which podcast you vibe with the most! 


First up is episode #029 of The Cymatics Show with guest Virtual Riot. 

I’ve been a Virtual Riot fan for almost 10 years, so getting this opportunity to hear about how he got his start in music was really inspirational AND insightful. His story is amazing and he shares a ton of practical tips and knowledge.

The show overall is very casual, honest, and fun. Steven and Drew pack a ton of value into each episode and often give behind the scenes glimpses of their own workflow, which I find super helpful!


Second on the list is episode 30 of Back To Back With Willy Joy with guest Seven Lions.

Seven Lions is one of my all-time favorite artists, so I was STOKED to listen to this episode. ESPECIALLY since there aren’t too many production-related interviews with him floating around on the internet. In this episode, he shares his story, some production tips, and gives a ton of insight into what it’s like to be a successful musician (and how to pull it off).

For those who are unfamiliar (I was) Willy Joy is a DJ and producer who has remixed tracks for Major Lazer, Flosstradamus, Axwell, and more. His interview style walks the line between casual and professional and his questions are always on point. 


The last of my top three is episode #63 of The EDM Prodcast with guest Said The Sky.

I’ll admit that I don’t listen to Said The Sky as much as I should, but his ability to make beautiful music that moves both emotions and feet is nothing short of impressive. In this episode, he covers his story, how he approaches writing new music, as well as some really cool production techniques.

The EDM Prodcast is run by Sam Matla of EDMProd.com and is a bit more like a formal interview than a free-flowing podcast, which works really well for this episode and the podcast overall. 


Listening to podcasts is a great way to turn passive time into active learning time, and I hope this playlist makes that easier for you.

If you enjoy the playlist, don’t forget to give it a follow! I’ll be updating it regularly with new episodes and new podcasts as I find them!

Speaking of which…if you know of any podcasts I missed, send them to me on Instagram @blacklotus_audio, I’m always looking for more listening material!

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