Free House Presets For Vital Inspired By Monstercat, Rocket League, And More!


Free High-Energy House Presets For Vital

What is “High-Energy House”?

If you’ve ever heard the bouncy, high-energy music that’s popular in games like Rocket League or on labels like Monstercat, you’re probably already familiar with what we call “High-Energy House”. 

This unique style of house music uses catchy melodies and driving beats to amp up the energy and push players’ experience to the next level.

As self-proclaimed video game nerds, we were so inspired by this unique style that we decided to create presets specifically made for producing high-energy gaming music.

We studied the top gaming tracks across all different genres of house music to create our premium High-Energy House pack called “Cosmic: High-Energy House For Vital“.

However, we wanted everyone to join in the fun of creating energetic house music, so we created 10 additional high-energy presets and put them into Eclipse: High-Energy House For Vital.

Eclipse gives you a small taste of what’s inside Cosmic with a bunch of unique presets that you won’t find anywhere else.

Use the “Free Download” button above to grab your free copy of Eclipse.

And once you’ve checked out the sounds in Eclipse, be sure to grab the full version and unlock a ton of presets and bonuses that we feel will take your music to the next level.

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