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Black Lotus Audio Was Founded In 2020 To Help Producers Worldwide
Founded In 2020 To Serve Producers Worldwide
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At Black Lotus Audio, we’re on a mission to provide music producers with ready-to-use sounds that will instantly take your music to the next level.

We believe that by putting powerful, professionally designed sounds into the hands of the community, we can help music producers express themselves in new and exciting ways.

And when we help producers like you express yourselves, we’re doing more than just helping producers finish tracks.

By sharing music, artists are connecting the world and helping to define a new generation of thoughts and ideas. And it’s these collective voices that are changing the world.

We are proud to be a part of this process and strive to contribute as much as possible. That’s why our team of in-house sound designers focuses on making every product as high-quality and easy to use as possible. 

If you’re ready to make the music inside of your head a reality, grab one of our premium packs and see what our sounds can do for you.


Founder, 2020-2023
Black Lotus Audio


Black Lotus Audio was started by Steven “Alan” Daniels. Alan loves music and has made electronic tunes for over 10 years. When it was hard to find a job because of COVID, Alan decided to make Black Lotus Audio. He wanted to help other people make their music sound great.

Alan believes that if you want to be good at music, you have to keep trying every day. He likes loud and powerful music like dubstep and metal, but he thinks all music has something special. Black Lotus Audio is all about helping musicians find their own special sound and share it with others.

Soundkiller Black Lotus Audio Pack Review


Black Lotus Audio


In 2023, Rafael Olivencia took the helm of Black Lotus Audio, stepping in as the new owner after Alan, the company’s founder, passed on the torch. Rafael, a key figure in the company since its inception in 2020, has been instrumental in shaping its vision and offerings. As the lead sound designer, he has been pivotal in conceptualizing products, creating compelling videos, and driving the marketing strategy. His partnership with Alan laid a solid foundation for the company, making him the perfect successor to carry forward Black Lotus Audio’s mission.

Rafael’s musical journey began in 2010 with formal studies in music and playing the trumpet, eventually leading him to share his expertise on producing dubstep through his YouTube channel, Soundkiller. This platform not only showcased his talent but also connected him with Alan, cementing his role in Black Lotus Audio. Under Rafael’s leadership, the company continues to thrive, rooted in the shared philosophy of empowering music producers to create high-quality music. Rafael’s diverse background, including extensive music education, a YouTube channel with over a million viewers, and encounters with prominent artists like Virtual Riot, equips him with the unique insight and passion needed to drive Black Lotus Audio into its next chapter.

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Virtual for Serum, Paragon, Octane, Hera

Melodic Dubstep Preset Pack Vital - Broken Elegance Testimonial For Melodic Dubstep Presets

Broken Elegance

Oddyssey Melodic Dubstep

Atherton Wing

Dimensions, Breakout, Analog for Vital


Horizon Dubstep Drums

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