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Are you looking for an electronic music production Discord server with exciting production challenges, detailed feedback, and more?

Well, you’re in luck!
Our server is home to special music production challenges, exclusive live streams, and a TON of producers who make electronic music and LOVE to talk about production.
Producers of all skill levels are encouraged to join, so click the link below and take advantage of everything our server has to offer.

What Our Community Says About Our Discord Server

"One of the most helpful servers out there, I 100% recommend joining!"
Andy The Jay
Music Producer
"The weekly production challenges are a lot of fun!"
Music Producer
"Just a fun and supportive community perfect for anyone!!"
Codename Ghost Odyssey Melodic Dubstep Review
Codename: Ghost S
Music Producer
"The community is very encouraging and has helped me become a lot better at producing music!"
Analog For Vital Review for Black Lotus Audio by Carter S
Carter S.
Music Producer
"The diversity of the weekly challenges has allowed me to learn new things really frequently!"
Bangzor - Member Of Our Electronic Music Production Discord Server
Music Producer
"Full of talented people to share and improve with!"
Midtempo Production Challenge Winner Gami - From Our Electronic Music Production Discord Server
Music Producer
"You can win nice prizes by competing in the weekly challenges!"
Member Of Our Electronic Music Production Discord Server - Flyyng Kittenz EDM Producer
Flyyng Kittenz
Music Producer
"Thanks for doing these challenges, I'm definitely growing production-wise and its all thanks to you!"
Benchii Logo Black Lotus Audio Discord Server
Music Producer

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Our Discord Server?

Monthly Electronic Music Production Challenges

Our music production challenges are designed to help you find new ideas, practice creativity, and take your production skills to the next level.
New challenges are launched frequently, and competitors are given a specified amount of time to create their entries.
Some common challenges you might see are sample flips and “make X genre” challenges using one of our free packs.
No matter the challenge or theme, these challenges are a great way to flex your creativity, try new ideas, and connect with others in a low-stress and supportive environment.
And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro to compete. In fact, we encourage producers of all skill levels and genres to join!
Discord Music Production Challenges
Music Production Discord Heart

Helpful & Caring Environment

Our community was built to help producers learn music production in a low-stress and caring environment.
In fact, we pride ourselves on being the most caring music production server on all of Discord.
But that’s beside the point…
Whether you’re opening up a DAW for the first time or you’ve got releases on major record labels, our community is ready to welcome you.
We love sharing ideas, production tips, and feedback with each other. If you have a question about music production, all you have to do is hop in and ask!

Connect With Other Producers

Discord allows for the quick sharing of ideas, audio clips, and memes.

All of which are important for building relationships and learning music production! (Especially the memes)

And by being part of an active community that fosters learning and the sharing of music production tips and tricks you can level up your productions insanely fast.

The best part is, you don’t need to be actually working on music together to get these benefits. (Though that can help, of course.)

You unlock tons of benefits just by connecting with other producers, talking about production, and helping each other level up.

Discord Sharing
Discord Perks

Exclusive Discord Member Perks

By joining our Discord server, you gain access to exclusive members-only perks such as:

    • Access to exclusive production / Q&A streams
    • The ability to win prizes by competing in challenges
    • Fun events such as BLA sponsored “Mega Collaborations”
    • + More!

We’re always doing new things on Discord, so hop in, say hi, and make the most of everything our community has to offer. 

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