Join Our Community Of
Electronic Music Producers!

Are you looking for an electronic music production Discord server with weekly production challenges, feedback, and more?

Well, you’re in luck!
Our Discord server is full of producers who make electronic music and LOVE to talk about production!
And by joining, you get access to our weekly music production challenges.

What are the weekly music production challenges? 

These challenges will help you to experiment with new ideas, practice creativity, and take your music to the next level.
New challenges are launched every Friday, and competitors are given until Sunday morning to complete their entries.
Some common challenges you might see are sample flips and “make X genre” challenges using one of our free packs.
No matter the challenge or theme, these challenges are a great way to flex your creativity, try new ideas, and connect with others in a low-stress and supportive environment.
And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro to compete. In fact, we encourage producers of all skill levels and genres to join!
So whether you’re opening up a DAW for the first time or you’ve got releases on major record labels…
Our community is happy to have you!
And speaking of our community…
Our entire community of music producers is super helpful!
They love sharing feedback, ideas, and production tips with each other.
And if you ask nicely, we’re sure they would love to share with you as well!

Why is our Discord server the best place to make meaningful connections with other electronic music producers

Discord allows for the quick sharing of ideas, audio clips, and memes.
All of which are important for building relationships and learning music production! (Especially the memes 😉)
And by being part of an active community that fosters learning and the sharing of music production tips and tricks you can level up your productions insanely fast!
Let’s put it this way…
How many other producers are you collaborating and engaging with on a weekly basis?
If you’re like most producers, that number is almost zero.
Which isn’t bad…
But imagine how much faster you could level up your productions if you were communicating with even 2-3 other producers!

Now, here’s the good news:

You don’t need to be actually working on music together to get these benefits! (Though that does help!)
You unlock tons of benefits by connecting with other producers, talking about production, and helping each other level up.
And that’s what makes Discord so great! You can do all of that with hundreds of other producers for free!

So join our electronic music production Server on Discord, say hello, and have fun making music!

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