Free Virtual Riot Dubstep Presets



From Brostep to Melodic Dubstep and everything in between, a hard-hitting dubstep drop is just hard to beat!

So, when we first got our hands on Vital we couldn’t wait to see what kinds of heavy bass sounds we could make with it.

We spent weeks tweaking sounds, experimenting with different techniques, and working to discover just how powerful this new synth really is.

And spoiler alert:

Vital is really powerful! 

Compared to Serum, it’s honestly a pretty close race. But, at the end of the day, Vital’s extra Oscillator and Filter give it a big advantage over its more expensive counterpart.

And that’s not even taking the advanced key tracking and transposition snap features into account!

So, to showcase what Vital is capable of, we created this free dubstep starter pack: Apostle – Dubstep for Vital!

Inspired by influential artists like Virtual Riot, Zomboy, and Barely Alive, this free preset pack gives producers a taste of Vital’s incredible power.

Inside you’ll find 11 dubstep bass presets, 10 dubstep lead presets, and 5 versatile sequence presets.

Grab Apostle now from by clicking the button above.

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