100 Premium Analog Inspired Serum Presets

Timeless Sounds Re-Imagined for Today's Music

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Hera: Premium Analog Serum Presets

HERA weaves the rich, warm tapestries of sound reminiscent of timeless analog synths, catering to the modern producer who seeks the soulful depth of the likes of the Minimoog, ARP 2600, Juno 106 and more鈥 Drawing inspiration from synth-driven artists such as The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott, this pack delivers presets designed for chart-topping potential.

Our seasoned sound designers have infused each preset with the essence of analog synth legends, ensuring that every bass, lead, pad, and key resonates with the warmth and character these classic machines are revered for. Hera offers a versatile sonic palette that seamlessly into any production that calls for a touch of retro flair or a nod to contemporary hits.

Hera is a limited release 鈥 Only 1,000 copies available

Original price was: $70.Current price is: $35.

What's included in Hera:

100 Serum Presets: Each preset in this collection is a journey through time, blending the warmth and depth of classic analog synths with Serum鈥檚 cutting-edge flexibility. From lush pads and deep basses to ethereal leads and dynamic plucks, these presets are your gateway to creating music that resonates on a whole new level.

Over 50 Real Sampled Analog Wavetables: We鈥檝e sampled over 50 real analog oscillators to give you the genuine texture and nuance of hardware synthesizers. These wavetables are the foundation of 鈥淗era鈥檚鈥 presets, allowing you to explore an expansive sonic landscape, rich with the character and warmth of iconic analog machines.


Real Analog Oneshots: Dive into a treasure trove of analog oneshots, meticulously recorded from vintage synthesizers. This bonus pack is perfect for adding unique, organic textures to your tracks or crafting your own presets from scratch.

MIDI Files: Inspiration can strike at any moment, and with our collection of MIDI files, you鈥檒l have a launching pad for new ideas. These files are designed to complement the presets in 鈥淗era,鈥 giving you a head start on crafting compelling melodies and progressions.

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