Free Riddim Dubstep Preset Pack For Vital

Mutant Beta Pack


When creating the full version of Mutant, we were so excited by the presets we were making…

That we ended up making a bunch of extras, and now we’re giving them away for free!

The Mutant Beta Pack gives you 15 unique Dubstep and Riddim Vital presets that are NOT included in the full version.

That means you can try Mutant for yourself and see just how high-quality and useful the sounds are – all without spending a dime.

Upgrade To The Premium Version Of "Mutant: Dubstep & Riddim For Vital"
And Unlock Next-Level Sound Design Inspired By Top Dubstep Artists

Get Hard-Hitting Vital Presets That Are Crisp, Heavy, And Ready To Use In Your Next Track

Supercharge your music with a huge collection of Vital presets including heavy basses, aggressive leads, mesmerizing keys, and tons more.

Mutant contains a total of 125 insane Vital presets + 20 custom wavetables that will level up your sound design with just a few clicks. 

Order your copy today and get two bonus FL Studio project files that will show you exactly how we used Mutant to make a modern Dubstep track and a dark Riddim track from scratch. 

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