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Steven B.
Steven B.Music Producer
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“I love all the sounds in the bundle. I find uses for the genre it was designed for and even use them for other genres you wouldn’t think to use them for. These presets are my secret weapon!”
GrislyBASSCVLT / Brass Knuckle Records
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“Mutant is absolutely worth every dollar. All the sounds are clear, loud, and give you the exact push you need to create something really heavy.”
Carter S.
Carter S.Music Producer
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“This analog pack is literally the best pack I’ve ever gotten. I’m 5 presets in and I’m just exploding with ideas.”
VLCNSubsidia / Bassrush Records
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“Virtual is straight gas. Great foundations to dissect the sounds and create your own variations! 10/10 highly recommended.”

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Bundle & Save 43% | Upgrade Your Music With 5 Pro-Level Dubstep Packs
Bundle & Save 43%
Upgrade Your Music With 5 Pro-Level Dubstep Packs
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