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Celebrate Halloween weekend by hunting for “treats” hidden all over the Black Lotus Audio website.

Will you find presets? A gift card? Some creepy samples?

There are 10 different treats hidden on our website…

Can you find them all before time runs out?

The Hunt Ends In:


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No, you do not need to purchase any premium products in order to find the hidden treats.

You will be able to find all 10 treats on pages that anyone can access for free and/or without paying.

So the treats will NOT be on account pages, post-checkout pages, or any other page you have to pay or have an account to access.

There are no rules against it, but we advise NOT telling your friends where exactly the treats are hidden.

Where’s the fun in that?

This is your only chance to find and download these unique sounds. Once the timer runs out all of the downloads will be removed forever.

If you’re on mobile or any other device that is unfriendly to downloads, we recommend revisiting this page on another device such as a desktop or laptop computer. 

If you’re still experiencing download issues, please contact our support using the email found on this page. We will be happy to assist you.

A popup window containing some information and a download button should appear when you click on a treat.

If you don’t see the popup window, try enabling popups for our website in your browser.

If you’ve enabled popups in your browser but still don’t see anything, please contact support using the email on this page. We will be happy to assist you.

Join our Discord Server to stay up to date on the event, find hints, and brag about your bag full of treats!

We will be deleting all hints for the first few hours, but after that you’ll be able to ask other members to reveal locations.

Some images may have trouble loading in Safari.

If you’re having issues, try clearing your cache in Safari or swapping to another browser such as Chrome.

Due to the high amount of traffic during the event, our website may experience some issues. 

If you experience an error while browsing our website, wait a few minutes and attempt to refresh the page. Things should get back to normal quickly.

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