Free MIDI Chord Pack For EDM



Whether you’re still learning music theory or just need a boost of inspiration in the studio, MIDI packs are a great tool to use.

For example, by flipping through a MIDI pack, you might stumble across a chord progression that sparks an idea that develops into an entire track.

Or, you might find a new chord structure that you hadn’t used before, which might add to your knowledge of music theory.

In any case, a quality MIDI pack is incredibly useful to have on hand. 

Chords is a free MIDI chord pack that contains 25 minor chord progressions that are perfect for all genres of EDM.

Inside Chords, you’ll find:

  • A Minor – 10 Chord Progressions
  • A# Minor – 2 Chord Progressions
  • C# Minor – 2 Chord Progressions
  • D Minor – 2 Chord Progressions
  • D# Minor – 2 Chord Progressions
  • E Minor – 3 Chord Progressions
  • F Minor – 4 Chord Progressions

Looking for more MIDI files?

Check out our full-sized Inspiration MIDI Collection.

Inspiration contains 500 pro-level MIDI chord progressions, lead melodies, and arpeggios that will ignite your inspiration and save you time in the studio.

No music theory needed!

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