The Best Dubstep Record Labels For Growing Artists (List Of 25+ Labels)

Best Record Labels For Dubstep Artists - The Ultimate List

What Are The Best Dubstep Record Labels For Growing Artists?

The best dubstep record labels offer support that can change the direction of your entire music career.

And this is especially helpful when you’re just starting out or looking to get extra momentum on an upcoming release!

Because a record label can do way more than just get your music onto Spotify.

In fact, depending on the label, they can do everything from helping you market the release and get cover art done to finding you vocalists and collaborators to work with!

And typically the bigger the label you work with, the more benefits they can provide you as an artist.

But unfortunately, getting releases on a major record label such as Disciple or Never Say Die doesn’t happen overnight.

The reality is that most artists spend years perfecting their craft and growing their fan bases before any big labels start to take notice.

Which makes things really tough!

Especially when you’re starting from ground zero with no support.

Because not only do you have to make great music…

But you also have to put hours of work into building an audience, getting artwork done, marketing your music, and much, much more!

So, to help you out, we decided to put together this list of dubstep record labels that are perfect for small or growing artists.

These labels vary in size and levels of support, but this list is a great starting point for you to get your music project the support it needs.

But first…

What Exactly Is A Dubstep Record Label?

A Dubstep record label is a label that’s focused on signing and releasing tracks that fall under the genre of Dubstep.

And while that may seem obvious, it’s an important detail to clarify!

That’s because a record label focused on Dubstep is more likely to be in touch with what’s hot in the scene.

And that means they can help you get better results with your releases than a label that’s not in touch with what’s going on!

But the truth is, there aren’t actually very many pure “Dubstep” record labels out there.

Instead, many of these record labels often release mostly Dubstep, alongside music in nearby genres such as Midtempo, Future Bass, or Trap.

In these cases, you’ll find that many labels that accept dubstep demos will call themselves “Bass Music Labels” or “EDM record labels”, even though their core genre is Dubstep.

To illustrate this point, here is Mythos Records Soundcloud page, which identifies the label as a “Bass Music Record Label”.

Mythos Records makes our list of best dubstep record labels for your growing music project because of it's multi-genre approach
Example: A dubstep focused record label branding itself broadly as a "Bass Music Record Label".

However, if you look at their latest releases, they tend to be mostly Dubstep tracks.

So, as you can see, these broad designations can make dubstep labels more difficult to find, as you’ll have to look closely at each one’s latest releases to see if they match the style you’re looking for.

And not to mention the fact that many of these labels specialize in different sub-genres of dubstep such as Tearout, Brostep, Melodic Dubstep, Riddim, Future Riddim, or Colour Bass, just to name a few!

So, to save you time while you’re searching for a label, we’ve included each label’s preferred genres alongside their other info in the list below.

And without any further ado, here are…

The Best Dubstep Record Labels For Growing Artists

Updated July 19. 2023

Anti-Feel Records (Soundcloud / Website)

Anti-Feel Records is on a mission to help upcoming artists get the exposure they need to break into the music industry. Located in Paducah, KY, this label accepts singles and EP’s in any genre, though they tend to release mostly Dubstep and Riddim.

Apostle Records (Soundcloud / Website)

Established in 2019, this Christian bass music label has signed tracks by artists such as Ace Aura, MIKESH!FT, and Phocust. Apostle tends to release Dubstep, Future Riddim, and Colour Bass, but you can also find genres like Midtempo and Trap among their releases.

Bass Planet Collective (Soundcloud / Website)

As the name implies, this record label is all about the bass. Whether it’s Dubstep, Riddim, Future Riddim, or Midtempo, Bass Planet Collective has released it! The label is currently looking for bass music artists of all sizes, so no matter how big your following is, be sure to send them your tunes.

Brainsick Records (Soundcloud)

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Brainsick is a record label with a heavy emphasis on Dubstep, Riddim, and their respective subgenres. They’ve put out a steady stream of quality releases over the last year, so send them your best music!

Broken Vault Recs (Soundcloud / Website)

Broken Vault Records is known for releasing quality Dubstep tunes and being great to work with. If you’re a smaller artist and you want a good home for your music, Broken Vault is definitely worth considering!

Deathstar Cult Ltd. (Soundcloud)

Founded in 2020, Deathstar Cult has amassed a following of several thousand listeners through its Soundcloud profile and Spotify Playlists. Having gained the support of icons like Excision and Dack Janiels, their roster includes several up-and-coming artists in the bass music scene who are sure to make a splash.

Dub Wubz Promotions (Soundcloud)

If you’re looking to build your fanbase and develop yourself as an artist, Dub Wubz is your place! Having gained thousands of fans since its launch in 2020, Dub Wubz Promotions is a rising star in the bass music scene. And not only is this label known for its rock-solid releases, but its insane artwork screams quality!

Echoes Collective (Soundcloud / Website)

Started in 2017, this multi-genre record label has put out a solid stream of releases. Lately, they’ve signed mostly Dubstep and Drum and Bass records, but they do accept demo submissions in any genre!

Forsaken Collection (Soundcloud / Website)

A subsidiary collection of Anti-Feel Records, Forsaken is all about heavy bass music! This bass music label focuses exclusively on Deathstep, Minatory, Riddim, and Tearout Dubstep. 

High Caliber Records (Soundcloud / Website)

This record label was created to promote local and regional artists of all sizes and genres. And if you look at their catalog, it’s clear that they’re serious about this mission! At High Caliber Records, you can find and submit tunes in genres such as Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, House, and more.

Hoplon Records (Soundcloud)

Located in Cáceres, Spain, this independent record label is known for releasing mainly Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Riddim. If you’re looking to release your music through a label that prides itself on connecting the production community, Hoplon is the label for you!

Iteration Audio (Soundcloud / Website)

If you make several different genres of EDM, check out Iteration! This Polish record label is known for releasing all genres of EDM, including Dubstep, Riddim, Future Riddim, Trap, House, and more!

MDP Records (Soundcloud)

Also known as “More Drops Please”, this record label represents the future of bass music. With a heavy focus on genres like Dubstep and Future Riddim, MDP is a great place to submit your tunes!

Mythos Records (Soundcloud)

Mythos is a record label that primarily releases bass music genres such as Dubstep and Riddim, though they have released other genres such as Future Bass as well! 

No Hype Music (Soundcloud)

Don’t let the name fool you! No Hype is a label on a mission to expand the bass music culture through quality releases and events! This label accepts demo submissions from all genres of bass music, though they tend to gravitate mostly towards Dubstep and Riddim.

Off-Grid Records (Soundcloud / Website)

Hailing from Nelson, British Columbia, Off-Grid Records is a record label that releases primarily Dubstep and Riddim, though they have released Midtempo and other genres as well!

Pewtrid Records (Soundcloud)

This record label releases almost exclusively Dubstep and Riddim, and this focus has paid off! With thousands of listeners across multiple platforms, Pewtrid is a force to be reckoned with in the bass music scene! This dubstep label is currently accepting demos via their Soundcloud page, so check them out and send your best music their way!

Psychocybin Recordings (Soundcloud)

Since its rebirth in 2015, Psychocybin Recordings has put out an excellent catalog of bass music including genres like Dubstep, Hybrid Trap, Freeform Bass, Deep Dubstep, and more! This label operates alongside a bunch of partners and sub-labels, so be sure to check their Soundcloud bio for more info.

Raw Audio Distortion (Soundcloud)

Featuring releases by artists like Samplifire, Ivory, Code Pandorum, and Extra Terra, this label means business. Despite their size, Raw Audio Distortion has racked up tens of thousands of plays on their catalog, which features mostly Dubstep, Industrial Bass, and other heavy bass genres. This might be one of the best dubstep labels on this list!

Station Underground Records (Soundcloud / Website)

Already well known for their events, Station Underground officially established their own record label in 2022. Station Underground has released music from heavy hitters like Saint Miller, Brainwavez, Solid Alibi, Ozztin, Dublink and many more as well as performing supporting shows in Los Angeles, Charlotte NC, and Charleston SC. They release a wide variety of music including Dubstep, Hybrid Trap, DnB, Freeform, & even Tech House, so be sure to check them out!

Suits & Snares (Soundcloud)

Over the last few years, this bass music label has stacked up a catalog of quality dubstep releases. They’re currently accepting demo submissions via the email located on their SoundCloud page!

Syndicate Audio (Soundcloud)

Syndicate is an Australian bass music label known for releasing high-quality Dubstep and Riddim tracks. If you’ve got a track that needs a home, send it their way!

Torment Audio (Soundcloud)

Since its start in 2020, this Los Angeles-based record label has released a bunch of Dubstep bangers. They are currently accepting demos via the email address on their Soundcloud page.

WaterShip Records (Soundcloud / Website)

Another fantastic bass music label. WaterShip signs and releases tracks from almost all genres of bass music including Dubstep, Riddim, Hybrid Trap, and more!

Whitelist Records (Soundcloud)

This Dubstep record label prides itself on helping underground dubstep artists get the exposure that they deserve. If you’ve got a dubstep track and you’re looking for a label that’s accepting demos, be sure to check out Whitelist Records!

Wtf’s That Sound (Soundcloud / Website)

With releases across almost all genres of bass music, Wtf’s That Sound has quickly grown since it was founded in 2020. If you make deep, wonky Dubstep, Riddim, or Experimental Bass Music, hit them up!

Xile Collective (Soundcloud / Website)

Based out of San Francisco, this EDM record label is working to make the rave community more inclusive than ever before. Xile puts the artists first by releasing good music regardless of how big or well-known the artist might be. While they accept all genres of EDM, we included them on this list of Dubstep record labels because they tend to release more bass music than any other genre.


To conclude, getting a track signed by a record label can give your growing music project a huge boost!

And with this list of Dubstep record labels right at your fingertips, finding a label that fits your style and needs will be much easier.

If you own or know of a record label that belongs on this list, send us an email so we can include it!

We’ll be updating this list regularly, so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

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