How To Submit Your Music To EDM Blogs | Guidelines + Email Template

How To Submit Music To EDM Blogs

Getting your music featured on an EDM blog can put your music in front of thousands of new fans that are hungry for new music. It also legitimizes your project and can help propel you to new heights as an artist.

However, pitching EDM blogs is more art than science…and a dark art at that. When you first start pitching blogs it can be overwhelming, confusing, and disheartening. Especially when you get multiple rejections, or worse – totally ignored.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Once you understand the basics of pitching blogs, you’ll start seeing better results and your profile as an artist will begin to grow – sometimes meteorically.

To help you understand these basics, we asked our friend Garth Jones to share his insider knowledge on how to pitch your music to EDM blogs. Garth is the owner of Monsoon Season, an EDM blog focused on finding, supporting, and promoting rising talent, so he’s uniquely qualified to teach you everything you need to know about pitching blogs.

In this post, Garth will show you the basics and give you an incredibly useful framework for reaching out to EDM blogs for coverage of your new music. He’s also included a pre-made email template for you to use when pitching your music.

Enter Garth…

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Meet Garth Jones, Owner Of EDM Blog Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season EDM Blog

Hi, my name is Garth Jones, I’m an EDM blogger and the owner of Monsoon Season, an EDM blog focused on rising talent.

Before we get into the details, it’s important to note that every music blog has different processes, operations, and a unique vision that they seek to manifest as brands. 

So, any tips on getting your music in their hands and ears will vary in simplicity, practicality, and effort. 

From basic instruction to deeper dives into the philosophy of gaining someone’s attention, these tips will differentiate across the spectrum. 

However, we will do our best to give you a mixture of basics with deeper context and informational assets you can take with you on your music promotion journeys. 

Pass them on or pass them up as you deem fit, but we speak from experience as we are bloggers who witness the cringe and the credible all in the same day (and same email at times). 

There is no scientific cheat sheet to this process but we will guide you to the best of our knowledge and ability from the minds of Monsoon Season.

Get stoked to get soaked with us as we break down how to get your music submitted, accepted, and promoted by EDM blogs like ours.

Three Questions You Should Answer Before Sending Your Music To Blogs

Three Questions To Answer Before Sending Music To EDM Blogs

Before jumping into the do’s and don’ts of submitting to music blogs, there are some important prerequisite questions you need to ask.

Once we cover and complete that hurdle, we can jump to the next step of sending your music to any blogs you seek to work with.

The first question to ask is yourself is…

#1) Why do you want to promote your music on blogs? 

Do you want an increase in listeners? More streams? or maybe just some notoriety in the industry?

It’s important to understand why you’re pitching to a blog, as this will help you outline your emails and refine your submission.

After all, you won’t be sending cold emails only with links. You’ll need a model or proposal-type message to attach with it and the “why” factor is important!

The second question you’ll want to ask yourself (and your peers) is…

#2) Is my music ready and completely finalized?

Ask a trusted peer for feedback on the readiness of the music itself.

At this point, you’ll want to ask someone who isn’t going to sugarcoat their response.

So, ask some credible producers in your network how you could polish or spice it up without changing too much of the vision you have for your piece of art. 

You want several perspectives on your music before sending it off to the bloggingsphere. 

Not only to give you insight on the music itself, but also to prepare you for the possibility of hearing a no, yes, or nothing at all. 

Sometimes it stings and can be discouraging to be ignored or hear your first couple nos from your top blogger picks. 

But trust us, this happens to everyone. Just keep working on your music and refining your approach. 

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#3) Is my artwork and artist profile ready and professional? 

One thing that helps is including custom-made cover art that clearly shows the project title/track name and the producer’s name/logo alongside your music.

The dimensions of the artwork are debatable, so just do your best to make sure the artwork is clear and doesn’t look amateur. 

Great artwork isn’t a deal-breaker, but it does help you look more professional.

Speaking of professional, you’ll also want to ensure your social media profiles are filled out and represent your brand in the best way possible.

This is different for every artist and their unique aesthetic, but just be sure everything matches up as best as possible and try not to link to personal accounts.

Once you have finalized your music and branding, we can begin the main part of the submission process. 

Crafting Your Submission Using The 4 A's

The Four A's Of Pitching Music To EDM Blogs

To help you be as prepared and professional as possible, we’ve boiled down the process into what’s known as the “4 As”. 

The 4 A’s stand for Approach, Authenticity, Attitude, and Avoidance. 

These four pillars provide a simple and effective standard for getting your music heard and promoted by blogs. 

By using the 4 A’s, you’ll get the results you were looking for in question one, the why you are in search of blogs and their services. 

Pro Tip: The 4 A’s can be applied in other situations as well. By using the 4 A’s in your messaging, you’ll be seen as a professional by those familiar with this competitive industry.

Taking The Correct Approach With Music Blogs

Approach is the first and arguably the most important of the 4 A’s. 

All too often, someone’s chosen approach immediately severs any chances of going forward.

The biggest factor here is that there is no mood, context, or emotion attached to the words in their submission. 

You can come off pretentious or arrogant if you don’t watch your ps and qs in this setting. 

Your best bet is to be as sincere and humane as possible. Just like your folks taught you, be polite, courteous, say yes mam/no mam, and thank you. 

Believe me, this will go a long way with little to no extra effort! 

Simply put, this is the first impression you are making with someone you hope to support your music, interact and associate with online, and provide their service to you. 

Don’t screw it up by treating them as just another cog in the machine. They’re a real person, so treat them as such!

Be Authentic In Your Messaging

Authenticity is absolutely vital in today’s world. It’s almost a guaranteed necessity when creating a genuine and cohesive work relationship. 

By this, we mean a robotic, impersonable, and dry personality will almost certainly ruin your chances. 

Remembering to remain grounded, human, and being yourself is going to get you much further.

There is something about overdoing it that seems corporate, emotionless, and frankly bureaucratic that doesn’t go over well in the music industry. 

Remember to interact as if you have a smile in your words, electricity in your presence, and human touch that they will connect with on the other side of the screen you’re typing into. 

It may sound cliche and obvious but you would be surprised how some folks put on a mask when they don’t need to. 

We are all human beings so interact and remain authentic like one.

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Have A Great Attitude

Attitude is everything, everywhere, and at all times a deciding factor in getting people to talk about your music. 

This may seem obvious, but when pitching your music to blogs, it gets often gets overlooked.

Remind yourself that your music project is to be treated like a business – and you are the acting face of that brand.

In situations, you will be tested, challenged, or run into difficulty. 

Having a bad day, being faced with rejection, or watching your plans unravel can and will happen. 

Remember, it’s how you respond to this adversity that will define how you are seen within the industry. 

Your professionalism and attitude is now going to need to step in and step up before taking another step before your attitude steps on the chances of you keeping your position with blogs. 

Music blogs like Monsoon Season are providing a service in cahoots with multiple other ongoing projects. So anything can and will happen!

Being able to adapt with a smile is going to be a huge advantage for you and can lead to more opportunities down the road. 

Attitude and gratitude work well together, so remember to put them both to use!

Avoid The Pitfalls

Avoidance is a key factor in most situations in the ever-changing and growing music industry. You’ll want to avoid offering too much and avoid accepting too little while noticing the difference between the two. 

Some blogs ask too much of an artist, and some artists ask too much of music blogs. There’s a fine line to walk here, but it all boils down to a matter of respect and boundary. 

Avoid any deals that you are uncomfortable with, incapable of doing, or unable to commit to fully. You’ll also want to avoid any situation where complacency or being a yes-man/woman are prevalent.

Remember, you are the speaking representative of your music project. So be honest about your artistic limits, personal value, and capabilities as a client. 

The music industry is not perfect nor is it pleasant at times, so be sure to avoid any situation where you’re not at your best. Learning to politely say “no”, “I’m not sure”, “please elaborate”, and other safety measures will allow you to avoid getting into hot water.

Note: You can also substitute the word avoidance with the word awareness and get the same effect/results. 

An Email Template For Sending Music To EDM Blogs

Avoid making this mistake when pitching your music to EDM blogs

Below is a template that you can use when sending your music to EDM blogs.

Feel free to use this email template when pitching your music to blogs.

Be sure to personalize the message for each blog you’re writing to and always remember to use the 4A’s.

Here’s the template:

Good [morning/afternoon/evening], 

My name is [insert real name] and I make music under the alias/moniker of [insert DJ name]. I hope your [day/week] is off to a great start. 

I have been a fan of your blog [insert blog name] for some time now. My favorite article of yours is [insert article example]. You really knocked it out of the park on how descriptive you are and showcased how captivating the track is. 

I am writing to you in hopes of getting a write-up done for my track [insert track name]. If you are available to listen to it at your convenience it would mean so much. I will include the listening link and my social media links below for you if it fancies your interest. 

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from [insert blog name]. 

Have a great [day/week]! 

Best, [insert your real name]

As you can see, we used three of the four A’s in this simple but effective email.

The first A (approach) was used in the first three sentences/lines. We started with a warm “Good morning/afternoon/evening” and even doubled in introducing yourself under your real name and DJ name. You can mold, reform, or add to this type of approach by adding in your means of introductions and warm hellos as you see fit. 

Secondly, we use the A for authentic in the next set of sentences with the mention of being a fan of their blog and specifying a certain article they have written. This shows them you are actually reading their work and truly do aspire to have them write up one of your tracks. 

Lastly, the attitude of the overall email is apparent and can be felt from the get-go. The use of good morning, hoping their day/week has been well, being a fan of their blog/work, exampling your favorite article, mentioning/using words like “ I hope”, “your convenience”, and “mean so much”. All of these key factors show you have a great attitude, yourself being authentic, and with a cheerful approach. 

Keep in mind, there is no cookie-cutter way to do this. Write it as you would genuinely speak or talk with someone who was right in front of you. And be sure to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors before hitting that send button.

Wrapping Up

We here at Monsoon Season hope you found this guest post helpful.

If you have new music that you want to be featured on our blog…

Come check us out at MonsoonSeasonUS.com and get your first article written for free by mentioning Alan from Black Lotus Audio in your email.

Send us an email and put what you’ve learned to the test! We hope to hear from you soon. 

Welcome to the storm ⚡️

Picture of Garth Jones

Garth Jones

Garth is the owner of Monsoon Season, a Virginia-based EDM blog focused on rising talent.

Picture of Garth Jones

Garth Jones

Garth is the owner of Monsoon Season, a Virginia-based EDM blog focused on rising talent.

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