Free Dubstep Presets For Serum - Invader Is Perfect For Melodic Dubstep, Brostep, Tearout, And More.



From huge growl basses to wonky wobble basses, there’s no shortage of tools in a dubstep producers arsenal.

But with so many different types of bass sounds, learning how to create each one from scratch can be a daunting task.

Trying to master sound design techniques like FM synthesis, subtractive synthesis, and advanced post-processing can take years of trial and error.

That’s why we created this collection of dubstep presets for Serum, so that you could see first-hand how these different types of dubstep basses are created.

Because by reverse-engineering each of these different types of dubstep basses, you’ll learn the fundamental sound design techniques used to create each type of sound.

Then, you’ll be able to apply these techniques directly to your own music!

This collection of free dubstep presets for Serum contains 25 bass presets that will help you make genres like Brostep, Melodic Dubstep, Tearout, and more.

Inside Invader you’ll find the following types of basses:

  • Growl Bass Presets
  • FM Bass Presets
  • Pluck Bass Presets
  • Lazer Bass Presets
  • + More!

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Level Up Your Sound Design With "Virtual For Serum"
135 Premium Serum Presets Inspired By Virtual Riot (+ Bonuses)

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