Tension Free Synth Loop Samples For EDM, Dubstep, Trap, And More From Black Lotus Audio


Free Synth Loop Sample Pack

What is the Tension Free Synth Loop Sample Pack?

If you want to add excitement, drama, and tension to your music, the free synth samples inside Tension are just what you need.

We created Tension to provide producers with an easy, drag-and-drop toolkit to get ideas going, add excitement to their tracks, and hype up listeners.

That’s why each sample features a variety of complex layers all crafted to work towards one goal: Adding as much energy-enhancing drama and excitement to your music as possible.

And, all 20 of the synth loops come fully layered, processed, and ready to use straight out of the box.

That means you can simply drag and drop any of the key-labeled WAV samples into your DAW and let the energy go crazy.

Speaking of DAWs, this free synth loop sample pack works inside FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reaper, Logic, and any other major music production software or sampler.

All of Tension’s loops were made at 150 BPM, so they’re perfect for genres like Dubstep and Trap without any additional tweaking.

Of course, with just a bit of editing and creativity, these samples could be used in genres like EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Midtempo, and more.

Download your free copy of Tension: Synth Loop Sample Pack by clicking the “Free Download” button above.

While Tension contains some of the best free synth loop samples we’ve ever made…

Our premium FX pack Paragon contains over 10x the samples and includes elements such as impacts, risers, fallers, atmospheres, and drum risers.

These FX samples work perfectly with Tension and allow you to create EDM genres including Dubstep, Colour Bass, House, DnB, Trap, and more.

Just drag, drop, and impress listeners with full, detailed tracks that stand out from the crowd!

Upgrade To Our Premium FX Sample Pack "Paragon" & Get 300 FX Samples Perfect For Any Genre Of Electronic Music

Upgrade To Our Premium FX Sample Pack "Paragon" &
Get 300 FX Samples Perfect For Any Genre Of Electronic Music

Are You Ready To Produce Tracks Full Of Energy, Depth, And Detail?

Paragon will help you produce pro-level EDM, Dubstep, DnB, House, Colour Bass, Trap, & more with 300 unique impacts, risers, fallers, drum risers, and atmospheres.

Get access to Paragon’s premium FX samples today and captivate listeners worldwide with highly-detailed music that demands attention.

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