Reddit AMAs By EDM Artists – The Complete List

Reddit AMA EDM Artist Production

Learn directly from the best EDM artists and electronic music producers with this collection of Reddit AMAs!

A Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) is when a celebrity or someone of note (Example: Skrillex) hops on Reddit and offers to answer any question asked by other users of the site.

Often these exchanges become treasure troves of information passed along by huge artists and producers that aren’t often talked about.

We made this list of AMA’s by electronic artists so that you have an easy way to scan through them to get production tips, insights on the music industry, and learn more about your favorite artist’s thought processes behind their music, careers, and so on.

The insights gained from reading these AMAs are invaluable and there are a ton of great tricks inside each one that will help you level up your production game.

If you’re new to Reddit or are looking for some great AMAs, we have compiled a shortlist of our top five favorite AMAs here.

You can find all of the other AMAs below, sorted alphabetically by artist name.


Instead of sorting the comments by “BEST” on Reddit, try using “Q&A” instead.
This filters out all of the questions without answers and makes reading through much easier!

The Best Reddit AMAs - Our Top 5 Picks

#1 – Rob Swire (Knife Party / Pendulum)

Rob is the legendary producer and DJ behind Knife Party and Pendulum. This AMA contains some great production tips and insights into how Rob approaches the art of music production. He also gives away a Massive preset that he used in Knife Party’s track “Power Glove”.

#2 – Trivecta and AMIDY

Trivecta is a melodic dubstep heavyweight with releases on Monstercat & Ophelia Records. He discusses his production and songwriting process as well as his second passion: food. Special guest AMIDY offers additional insights from the perspective of a growing artist. 

#3 – Barely Alive

Bass music duo / double threat. They share tons of great production tips and are genuinely entertaining dudes. They also go into detail on growing a platform and following as an artist. 10/10 must read!

#4 – Pegboard Nerds

Another duo with a crazy long list of credits. This AMA is FULL of in-depth production techniques and workflow tips. These two really went in-depth with almost every question and didn’t hold anything back! 

#5 – deadmau5

A legend of the electronic music scene, Deadmowfive answers questions relating to his live shows and his process for producing music. He also supplies a nearly endless supply of his trademark wit and humor. However, many of his responses are also very genuine and helpful, which was a pleasant surprise!

The Complete List Of Reddit AMAs Done By EDM Producers

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